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Candid conversations about living and learning through the lens of unschooling

Our Mission

The Living Joyfully Network is an inclusive and supportive online community for parents where we have candid conversations about living and learning through the lens of unschooling.

Join us to explore unschooling with parents from all over the world who are choosing to embrace lifelong learning and develop strong and connected relationships with their children.

What's Included In Your Membership

  • A private, dedicated online community platform that supports the deep, focused reflection that our unschooling journey asks of us, without the distractions of social media.
  • Curated monthly themes to help you dive deeper into important aspects of your unschooling journey, along with access to the amazing and ever-growing index of content from all of our previous monthly themes, including Nurturing Our Children’s Learning, Validation, Consent, Play, Self Care, Our Parenting Toolbox, and so many more.
  • Weekly focus topics and conversations to guide your exploration of the theme. Pam and Anna’s weekly videos dive into our themes through different lenses and focus on both ideas and putting ideas into practice. Weekly questions encourage conversation and reflection.
  • Weekly live calls for members to ask questions and engage face-to-face with other unschooling parents. If you can’t make it live, no worries! They are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.
  • Access to our Resource Library, a growing collection of online resources, books, podcast episodes, and more about various topics of interest as they relate to unschooling, including Exploring Neurodiversity, About Sleep, Playing with Sensory Activities, What About Math, and Technology.
  • And a wonderful group of unschooling parents from around the world with a wide range of life and unschooling experiences who are happy to share their insights and perspectives with you!

What Members Are Saying

“I’m absolutely geeking out over the wealth of resources, conversations, questions and on and on The Network provides. So grateful to you guys’ immense efforts towards personal and familial support!”


I think the reason my journey on this network has been so profound is because I’ve experienced the members who contribute here in this space to be incredibly supportive, generous, mindful and inquisitive. There has been much laughter, intimacy, vulnerability and many tears shed both in sadness and happiness. The full gamut has been a delight.”


For an introvert like myself, it has been incredibly enriching, connecting, joyful and uplifting in so many ways. Because of this network I have found my tribe. I can bring up any challenges I might be experiencing in my world and I know it will be received with no judgement.”


Our Team

Pam Laricchia is the Living Joyfully Network founder and co-host. Pam is a long-time unschooling mom who loves exploring unschooling and sharing the fascinating things she’s discovered about learning and parenting along the way. She is the host of the Exploring Unschooling podcast and author of five books about unschooling.

Anna Brown is the Network co-host and community advocate. Anna’s two children were always unschooled and she has been an outspoken advocate for children and families for more than 20 years.

Erika Ellis is the Network community moderator. Erika is an unschooling mom of two and she’s a scanner—interested in everything! She has organized parenting, unschooling, and wellness groups in person and online, and she loves exploring the world, learning together with her family.

The Vision of Unschooling We're Walking Toward in the Network

  • Learning happens all the time, everywhere, in all sorts of ways. Actively supporting our kids as they follow their curiosity and explore their interests and passions cultivates a lifelong love of learning alongside building a strong and personal web of knowledge.
  • We don’t separate learning about academic topics from learning about life topics: it’s all learning. Sometimes this is described as “radical unschooling” or “life learning.”
  • We are moving away from control as a parenting tool and toward connection. Developing strong relationships with our children is at the heart of our work here. Understanding consent and letting go of power struggles opens up new ways to be in relationship with our kids that bring a blossoming sense of joy, safety, and connection to our days. Not to mention, a whole lot of learning.

The Living Joyfully Network community has members at all points on their unschooling journey and is an amazing mix of parents with a wide range of life and unschooling experience. This diversity of perspective adds a beautiful richness to our conversations.

If you choose to join us, there’s no expectation of where you are on your journey, only that you’re interested in walking in this direction—conversations in the Network unfold with this destination in mind.

Still Curious?

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