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Candid conversations about living and learning through the lens of unschooling

The Living Joyfully Network

Our Passion

We bring together unschooling parents to support and learn from each other as we question and explore many of the conventional beliefs around learning and parenting so that we can more gracefully navigate our personal unschooling journeys, develop strong and connected relationships with our children, and cultivate a thriving unschooling lifestyle in our families.

Our Team

The Living Joyfully Network is hosted by Pam Laricchia, host of the Exploring Unschooling podcast and author of five books about unschooling.

Anna Brown, a long-time unschooling parent and speaker, is the Network's Community Advocate, bringing together her passions for unschooling, consensual living, and community development.

Our Community

The Living Joyfully Network community is an amazing mix of parents with a wide range of life and unschooling experience. This diversity of perspective adds a beautiful richness to our conversations.

Because, in the Network, we share experience, not advice. It's a subtle but oh so valuable perspective shift. Use others’ experiences and insights as information that you can weave into your thoughts and use to take intentional next steps on your unschooling journey. Then see what happens! We're always learning. 

What You'll Find Inside

> Candid conversations with other unschooling parents who prioritize building strong relationships with their children

> Monthly themes to dive deeper into the unschooling journey

> Weekly focus video and conversations to explore different aspects of the theme

> Weekly Q&A group calls to ask questions and engage face-to-face with other unschooling parents

> Access to purchase the Childhood Redefined Unschooling Summit workshop

> A private online space that better supports the deep, focused reflection that our unschooling journey asks of us

We'd love to welcome you into our thriving community!

To join, click 'Choose a Plan' and jump right in.

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